3 Clever Ways to Relieve Back Pain

A way to de-stress is to sit down and read a book or an article online.

But try to limit your time on a chair to less than an hour. Overdoing such a de-stressing activity is actually bound to give you stress. It may sound weird, but it comes with truth.

This kind of stress is called postural stress. And here are some clever ways to avoid it:

1: Use a Standing Desk

Rather than use a typical desk, try something different: a standing desk.

Standing relieves back pain. It also lets you work your core, boost concentration skills, and increase alertness.

But let’s be realistic here. While it can benefit you, standing all day can also be exhausting.

Especially if you’re a newbie to such an ordeal, you might not pull it off. You should still try, though.

Here’s a tip: wear trainers.

2: Let an Inversion Table Do Its Magic

Another way is to use an inversion table. Take it from Anne Keiley from Free Your Spine. She also compiled a list of the best inversion tables for you.

An inversion table, as a tool for inversion therapy, has worked wonders for athletes. With the help of gravity, it eases tensed muscles. It also lowers the risks linked to back surgeries and pain medication.

To start, simply position yourself on the table, pull the muscles in your abdomen and slide your shoulder blades downward. And finally, as you make a count, be sure to lift your head, upper back, and shoulders.

3: Try Active Sitting

Then, there’s this. It counts as a clever way of relieving back pain because it necessitates you to do nothing differently. Just sit — and that’s all there is to it.

A Swiss ball or Sit and Move cushion can make this happen. Just order one of these tools and make sure it can accommodate you perfectly!

Active sitting is practical especially if you spend hours in an office environment. With a Swiss ball or Sit and Move cushion, you could simply get up from your normal office chair and chill on a “special” chair.

Moreover, active sitting not only treats back pain, it also exercises your lower back muscles and abs. Don’t you love the idea that sitting equates to a workout?

Final Thoughts

If you’re the type of person who sits for hours daily, it’s time to make a change. This habit may seem harmless, but if done every day for years, you’re in big trouble.

Postural stress is worth taking seriously. It’s actually more than an uncomfortable feeling or back pain.

It’s a condition that could lead to life-threatening issues. If heart diseases, diabetes, and cancers scare you, give sitting a break and use the above-mentioned solutions.