Artificial vs Live Trees

Every year millions of people decorate their homes to help them to get in the spirit of the holidays. While there are many things that people will do to make their house look more festive, the Christmas tree becomes the center piece of the whole holiday. With ornaments, lights, tinsel, candy canes, garland and all the other things that are added to a tree to make it look more spectacular, it can become a real collage of excess. Yet, still a lot of fun.

While kids are fighting over which ornament goes where, one of the biggest decisions that many families have to make is on whether to get an artificial tree or whether to go with a live one. There are a lot of pros for each one, and has done a fine job of articulating these. Here is a more concise look at the reasons for you.

The Live Tree

There is a lot to be said for the live tree because it is a tradition. Many have chosen to go with this because there is a whole set of traditions that go along with it. Some families go out and pick out a tree to cut down and bring home. Others head to the lot and pick one out together. They make it a family time to go out and find the perfect tree to bring home and so the live tree is more than just a choice – it is a key piece of Christmas itself.

The smell of the live tree is something really special, and can add a lot of ambience in your home. The look of the tree is magnificent and can easily be altered if you find that it is not fitting exactly as you had envisioned.

The Artificial Tree

While all of those things sound fantastic, there are some drawbacks to the live tree. Mainly is the cleanup. These trees will drop needles and that can lead to weeks of sweeping and vacuuming to keep up with them even before Christmas hits.

There is also the concern you may have with allergies. Some are allergic to pines and firs and the last thing you want to be red in this festive time of the year is your skin from a rash.

The artificial tree does not have the same look and smell, that is true, but it can be used over and over, and you are helping the environment as well.