How To Get Best Out Of Twitter As A Motivational Speaker

There are many people who use social media on a daily basis, but very of them utilize to the optimal level. Even though social platforms were for interaction in the past, they are now marketing channels that are overtaking traditional means. Motivational speakers are also marking their place in the social media sector and some famous ones have thousands and millions of followers. They wake up every day knowing that there are thousands of people who are looking forward to their content and are proud of it. The following are simple tips on how to get the best out of Twitter as a motivational speaker

Develop a schedule

Posting a few quotes, random videos and photos will not make you an overnight star in the social media space. You have to be consistent in posting and know what you need to post when to do it and who to target. The schedule should be flexible enough to accommodate content that comes your way and may require immediate attention. Check what your competitors are posting and get an idea of what makes a good content strategy. This will ensure that you do not overlook some areas or over-concentrate on others which might harm your brand.

Do not overwhelm yourself

You know how hard it is to prepare a good speech or presentation that will impact positively on the lives of others. Every audience requires a different approach and that is why preparation is crucial or else you fail terribly in your presentation. The same people expect you to be active on Twitter by getting new followers, responding to comments, retweeting other people’s post and keeping followers engaged. Striking a balance between social media management and your career might be a challenge unless you get some help. Spire has unbiased reviews of some of the best automation tools you can use on your Twitter account.

Focus on quality

Even if you have millions of followers, your content needs to be quality for you to attract engagement. No one will share content that has no impact on the lives of others. Remember that people look up to you for inspiration and you have a duty to do so. Feature other experts in the area once in a while to keep feeding your followers with good content. Be creative when using hashtags to keep your content relevant for a long time. Ensure that your captions are short but educative.