How to Decide the Right Size of Log Splitter That Is Appropriate For Your Requirement

Breaking a wood using a traditional axe is a task that requires a great deal of effort and time. Log Splitters are replacing traditional axe by easing the wood splitting task. Working with log splitters not just saves your precious time, but also reduces the extent of physical exertion. Log splitters provide better efficiency in cutting the logs and comes in several different types such as electric, manual and gas to suit everyone’s needs.

Working of log splitters

Log splitters use its strength in place of speed to split wood effectively and safely. A wedge-shaped section of the splitter is rammed against the log to break down the wood into two equal pieces. is a leading company that provides durable and advanced technology based log splitters.  

The better tonnage of the splitter can split wider and harder logs easily and with great efficiency. It offers several different models of electric, gas and manual log splitters that are customized to fit the diverse splitting needs of people.

Chinsaw can help cut the wood into manageable pieces before placing it in the splitter machine. Depending on the personal requirements, you can also use log splitter in conjunction with wood chippers.

Types of log splitter

Gas Log Splitter

This type of splitters gives the maximum tons of splitting capacity between 8 to 45 tons. They are the most expensive but the toughest and powerful log splitters. You need to make proper arrangements for air ventilation as gas based splitters produce fumes that are required to be safely ventilated to prevent injury.

Electric Log Splitter

These splitters have splitting capacity in the range of 4 to 20 tons. These can be towed easily and provides good access to an appropriate electricity supply when transporting.

Manual Log Splitters

These are the most inexpensive types of log splitter available in the market. They provide a low splitting capacity of a maximum of 14 tons. Manual splitters are commonly powered using a two-speed pump. These splitters are light in weight and portable in nature to allow convenient transportation.

Sizes of splitter

The splitter size is based on the widest log present in the woodpile. For a six-inch seasoned wood, you would require a four-ton size of the log splitter.  For a twelve-inch seasoned wood, you would require a seven-ton size of the log splitter. For a twelve -inch green wood, you would require a sixteen-ton size of the log splitter.

For a twenty-four-inch seasoned wood, you would require a twenty-ton size of the log splitter. For a twenty-four-inch green wood, you would require a thirty-ton size of the log splitter.

These different types of splitter have their advantages and disadvantages. A thoughtful understanding of these features will help you select the best machine to fits your needs.