Important Considerations to Make Before Automating your Instagram Account

For a while now, Instagram has been the powerhouse of social media marketing. Having realized that, most business owners or upcoming entrepreneurs are doing everything in their power to grow their presence on the platform. That means generating as many followers as possible and keeping the engagement levels in their accounts up there.

Unfortunately, that cannot be achieved by everybody. Some people are either too busy to find the time needed to engage online whereas others simply have no idea on where to start. For such reasons, use of bots has been on the rise despite Instagram waging war on such automation. Bots can help you attain some of the necessary milestones on Instagram, however, if not used appropriately, they can reflect a bad image on your brand or even get your account banned.

This article looks at the most important things you need to take to thought before using a bot on Instagram.

Instagram Terms of use

It is against Instagram’s terms of use to use certain automation tools within the platform. So, are you ready to risk it all just to find your footing quicker? If not, do you have the patience and tolerance required to grow your account organically? It all comes down to a number of factors. Where your moral compass points to can help you make that decision.

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that there are a number of ways to use bots in and still remain authentic on Instagram. Trust Advisor is a good place to start if you want to be a smart Instagram bots’ user.


When it comes to bots, the sheer amount of options available is mind-blowing.  Whether you prefer a web-based service or a downloaded software, you are well covered by the countless companies offering the services. Even so, it’s important to conduct a background study of these services and have a sound judgment of how they work.

Some of these companies promise heaven but what they deliver is not even mid-way there. Hence, establishing the authenticity of a bot service before subscribing should be a top priority. Additionally, taking your time to research helps you find a service that’s just right for your needs.

Do you want a bot that can comment, auto-post, like, and follow others on your behalf? Or are you seeking one that’s meant to find specific users based on hashtags or their niche? Luckily, you will find bots for both options and even more based on your unique needs. Therefore, knowing what you want can help you find the best solution to your needs.