What You Need to Know About Divorce

Has your marriage broken down and you don’t see it being restored again? The first thought that comes into most people minds is getting a divorce. However, you should note that you can only get a divorce for a marriage that is legally recognized in your country regardless of different sex or same sex marriage. Additionally, your marriage must be in existence for one year to qualify for a divorce. The divorce can be undefended or defended divorce. Undefended divorce refers to a divorce in which both partners agree to the divorce, and it takes place in a family court. It is not mandatory to have a solicitor in this form of divorce. However, you can seek for general advice from the attorney to know whether your case merits a divorce or whether evidence is required. On the other hand, defended divorce arises where one of the parties object to the divorce, and it’s also dealt in the family court same as undefended divorce. It is advisable for both of you to have a solicitor all along the process for the advice though the legal fees can be very high where the divorce process takes a long duration.

Getting a divorce requires several considerations cost being one of them. The cost of a divorce depends on various factors such as the legal representative you hire, the duration of the dissolution process, court fees.  You can check on how much is a divorce for professional, comprehensive advice on cost of divorce and all matters related to divorce processes.

Steps to follow in getting a divorce

  • The first step to getting a divorce involves presenting paperwork or documents to the court requesting for authority to dissolve your relationship.
  • You and you partner must arrange on how to take care of the children if there are any. This arrangement involves payments for child maintenance to be made by each of you when you are separated.
  • Divide your property according to your agreement, and if you cannot agree, the court should determine the amount each person should get. The process of property division should be completed in a set period to make it legally binding. You may also look for a mediator to help on agreeing on the divorce issues.
  • Once the court approves your divorce request, you can now end your marriage. You can convince the court to approve your divorce paperwork by filing a divorce petition. A divorce petition must show the reasons why you want to end your marriage. You then apply for a decree nisi if your partner consents to the divorce petition. Finally, your marriage legally ends by applying for a decree absolute.