Tips for Travelling to Ghana

Travelling to Ghana is a joy for most people who wish to travel to an African country. The country has friendly people who are ready to host you regardless of where you are coming from.

Let us look at a few tips to get you started on the trip to this country.

Getting There

There are several international airlines including Delta Airlines and British Airways that operate different schedules to the country. Before you decide to travel, please try to make sure you have all the travelling documents that are necessary to get into the country.

For one, you need a passport to get into the country, and then visas are mandatory for non-residents except ECOWAS nationals. You can get the visa from an embassy.

Health Requirements

You need to get vaccinated against yellow fever unless you are an infant under one year. Don’t forget to carry along your health certificate that shows that you have been vaccinated against yellow fever. You also need to start on antimalarial treatment way in advance before you start the journey.

The Climate

The country is bounded in the south by the Atlantic Ocean and on the east by Togo, North by Burkina Faso and in the west by Ivory Coast. The country has both warm wet forest zones as well as dry equatorial zones. It has a coastline that runs for 540 km.

Some of the areas experience temperatures of up to 38 degrees centigrade. Rains come at specific times each year, and they aren’t continuous during the day.

Pack the Right Clothing

Since the climate is warm all year round, make sure you pack the right clothing when you travel. Carry light, washable clothing and several pairs of comfortable shoes. There is no restriction to what you can wear, and both sexes can wear slacks as well as shorts.


Ghana’s currency is the Cedi, which comes in various denominations, both notes and coins. You can exchange the currency from any Forex bureau in the country. Apart from bureaux, banks also exchange the currency. Most banks have automatic teller machines to dispense money when the banks are closed. Most of the banks accept visa cards.

In Closing

Take time to understand the itinerary that you need to follow when travelling to Ghana. The people in this country are friendly and will help you settle down faster. The country has various places to go to and explore. See this to understand what to expect in terms of art.