Which is the Right Firewood for Your Appliance-


Choosing the right firewood, for any appliance, isn’t always laborious but a few tips would come in handy. Here’s what every homeowner ought to know before purchasing firewood for their appliance.


Choosing Firewood for a Pizza Oven or a Wood Burning Stove


Stoves and ovens work well with dry firewood. Heating Equipment Testing and Approval Scheme (HETAS) recommends firewood with a maximum moisture content of 25%, even though most manufacturers advocate up to 20% moisture content.

Dry wood guarantees a clean burn without blackening the stove’s glass or accumulating soot or tar in the flue or the chimney. It also increases the oven’s efficiency, reduces the amount of firewood used and most importantly lowers the cost.


Firewood for Chimenea, Firepit and Open Fire


It is relatively difficult (almost impossible) to control airflow when burning firewood in an open appliance. It, therefore, means that dry firewood can burn quickly and wouldn’t necessarily be the best option for such appliances.

Kiln dried logs provide the best solution for open fires, chimenea and fire pits. Use logs that have a moderately large diameter so that there’s more wood to burn through.

Avoid wet firewood at all costs – it will burn slower but will not generate enough amount of heat. Besides, wet or partially dry firewood will leave the chimney with a substantial build up of soot and tar.


Determining the Moisture Content


There are a couple of ways to determine how dry the wood is, such as knocking two logs together or checking the number of cracks on the log’s end. A log that produces a hollow sound and is relatively cracked is well dried.  These methods, however, cannot accurately determine the degree of moisture in a log.

The best way to ascertain moisture content is by using a moisture meter. The meter gives a somewhat accurate reading of the firewood’s moisture content, inside and out.


How Much Firewood is Required?


The volume of firewood primarily depends on factors such as the type of appliance, the amount of moisture, the house insulation, etc.  Nonetheless, a single stove is likely to use 3 to 4 cubic meters of firewood per season.


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